Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Roof Mounting Solar Panels


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Above Roof Mounting


Usually, a PV system is installed above an existing roof.  This is normally done by mounting PV modules to an aluminium or galvanised steel framework lying a few centimetres above the roof.  Fixing to the roof structure is then made using special 'roof hooks' or mounting slates which give a secure fastening to the roof structure.


Above Roof Mounting System


This system consists of a stable aluminium framework mounted onto a number of brackets (or roof hooks) fixed directly to the roof structure.

Vertical profile rails are fastened to these brackets and then carefully spaced horizontal sectioned profiles fastened to these with mounting screws. 

The spacing is such that modules can then simply be lowered and located between the horizontal profiles. Assembly is fast and does not require any tools because modules simply slot into place. They are kept in place using only friction and gravity - no additional bolts or fixings are required. An anti-theft device is available as an optional extra.

Roof Hook


Rigid universal roof hooks for fastening vertical frames to tile or slate roofs.  Adjustable in 5 mm steps to adapt for different batten heights and small roof unevenness. 

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Roof Fastening


For fastening to roofs with flat cladding or to facades. 

Solar Panels

Roof Screw Set


For mounting to roofs with corrugated sheeting. Includes plastic mounting, M8 x 180 hanger bolt, nut and washer.

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Metal Roof Fixing



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Block Bridge



PV Solar for your home

Frames screw together



PV Solar for your home